I'm a self-loathing happiness seeker, a self-righteous disbeliever.
I'm 23.
I'm from San Diego, I'm a Customer Support Technician, and I know.
I like long walks through your mind, alcohol, cigarettes, movies, energy drinks, music of any variety, amazon.com, a very slim amount of video games, blu-ray, PCs, Portal 2, Smash Burger, writing, conspiracy theories, violence, and hanging shoes from telephone wires.

I hate people, Wal-mart, Pepsi, Apple, iPhone, emo fags, the beach, mustard, the ocean, the color 'magenta,' action flicks, click flicks, movie titles that have the word 'revenge' in it, Xbox 360, Wii, every other driver on the road, traffic, hurricanes, stomach aches, wearing glasses, sharting, running out of breath and getting punched in the dick.

5th May 2011